Growing up in the Bellamy household was exciting. Many lessons were learned as I sat at the kitchen table. One being the importance of serving and developing a comparison in the community as I watched my mother, the former Mayor Carol Bellamy take on phone calls and projects from concerned citizens.
My family began serving this community as far back with my Great Grandfather, Raymond Bellamy, (namesake for Bellamy Florida State University Building). He relocated here back in 1918 to start Sociology Department at this great college on behalf of women.
The legacy continued with my father becoming a Tallahassee physician for over 40 years and my mother moving on to be City Commissioner. I later became a Tallahassee Police Officer prior to becoming a physician. I’ve now served in this capacity for 20 years.
With all being said, my family has taught me that while being a person of success is good and perhaps great; but it is more important to be a person of value, and that I am.
Now that you’ve heard a little about me, I would consider it an honor to learn about you.
Should I not see you on the campaign trail, please feel free to give me a call.