Poverty: There is simply no excuses for a city with our resources to be the home of poorest zipcode in the state. To have children living in the shadow of our state capital only getting healthy meal at school, is unacceptable. Having families going to bed at night knowing the dawn will only bring another day of misery, cannot be who we are as a caring community. It’s long past time to make certain that everyone who calls Tallahassee home can embrace hope over fear.

Civility: Civility is not complicated. You don’t have to be angry to get things done. You don’t need to start a fight to move an agenda forward. The lack of civility on our City Commissioner has stunted our ability to find  common ground. When  you spend your time looking how to start a fight, it’s hard to see the future. I want to be the voice that brings our commission’s mission back into focus.

Jobs: Good paying jobs are much more than a pay check. There’s a dignity when you wake up each day knowing you can provide for your family. We need to make certain we have provided existing small and medium size businesses in our community the tools they need to be successful.

And just as important, we must encourage new business to come to our community. We do that by making smart decisions about where our dedicated economic dollars are invested. We mush continue to nurture long-standing partnerships, but not at the expense of our larger economic future.

Crime: Every candidate will tell you they will reduce the crime. But it is more important to understand what crime looks like in our everyday lives. Crime is a grandfather not being able to sit his porch with his grandson without worrying who’s in the car driving by, or a woman waking up and wondering if her car was vandalised while she slept. I’ll roll up my sleeves and work hand-in-hand with all our community stakeholders to identify and fix the causes of crime in our city.